Why East Cannington comes to us for air conditioning issues

Living in Australia air conidtioning is an absolute must. With evaporative air conditioners being the most energy efficient was of cooling your home we deal with them on a very regular basis.

We aim to get your air conditioner up and running as quick as possible to keep the sweating down to a minimum. 

The electric motor in your air conditioner is the heart, and without it you are in major trouble. Thats where we come in, making sure that it is serviced, running as efficiently as possible and as quiet as possible is our aim.

Service. Service. Service

At G R Batt Rewind Specialists service is something that we take very seriously. We understand that getting good, qualified and reliable contractors can be a drama. We have a number of colleges who can help with your on site maintenance. Call us so we can put you in contact with them as soon as possible. We dont send duds!

Are you getting the right information?

As experts with electric motors we know them in and out. We have found over the years there are many air conditioner service people who are fantastic at what they do but lack the knowledge to give you the best information regarding your motor. 

Call us, even if it just to ask if you are getting the right information for the man on your roof. We are happy to help.


We can help with all brands of motor:

  • Fasco
  • Webster
  • Brook Crompton
  • Brooks
  • TAC
  • TECO
  • Western Electrical
  • Ziehl

Not one of these? Call us anyway